Updates to construction and developments of the marina project.

  • Update 4/20/2022

    Here’s an update on the [March 25] meeting.

    The Harbor Committee reimbursed the City for cost overruns on the campground in the amount of $37,500. These funds are a combination of money raised by the Committee and funds committed by JBS to the marina projects. A draft campground resolution/ordinance was reviewed.

    There are a few items in this document that need to be resolved before they can be finalized. One item is what to charge for a night of camping. Harbor Committee has provided feedback on this cost to the Mayor. Awaiting a decision from the City at this point. Also discussed were how to take reservations and the use of a campground host. Suggestions are being reviewed at this time and researched.

    The dump station plumbing will be completed soon. Don’t have an exact date. Security cameras were discussed and are in the process of being obtained and installed. CassComm will provide the necessary WiFi to operate the cameras.

    Phase 3 dredging was discussed. The Mayor is reaching out to various companies for pricing information, etc.

    An engineering diagram has been provided to the US Corps and levee district for OK to modify the turning radius at the top of the levee going down into the marina to ensure for safe turns for vehicles with campers.

    Making progress even if it seems like a snail’s pace.

    ::: Janet Pate :::