Update 10.13.2022

Building, Zoning, & Economic Development Committee
Marina Update Meeting
  • Meeting Date: 08/02/2022 (Committee)
  • Notes Dated: 08/11/2022
  • Meeting Dated: 8/30/22 (Admin)
  • Notes Updated: 09/06/2022
  • Meeting Date: September 6, 2022 (Committee)
  • Notes Updated: 09/22/2022
  • Meeting Date: 10/10/2022 (Admin)

Notes Updated: 10/13/2022

o 10/10: It was discovered that 2 boats had a collision on the IL River as one boat was coming under the RR bridge headed to the IL River and the other boater was coming in from the IL River to go under the RR bridge. No injuries were reported. Both boats drove off. It was decided to reach out to the individuals involved to see if they would be willing to write up the incident. It is intended to use this information to write to the Corps to see what they can do to dredge the area of the accident as it is in the navigable water way of their jurisdiction.

o Camp trailer clean-out has been installed.
o IDPH State inspector has OK’d the installation and indicated it was up to code. Inspector also indicated he was adding comments about the location as being in the flood plain.
o Now PENDING issuance of the campground permit from IDPH. As of 9/6, it has been approximately one week since the Mayor last inquired. 10/10: Mayor has made additional inquiries and has received a reply it will be issued soon.
o TO DO: Install parking blocks at 6 of the campsites (not needed at the ADA site since it is a drive-through site.
o DONE: Install gates which will be used to close access to the campground on an as-needed basis.
o TO DO: obtain and install fire rings.
o TO DO: 10/10: Install posts at each campsite so “reserved” tags can be placed on post.
o Use of campground host was discussed.
o Security cameras have been obtained but wi-fi has not yet been installed. Cass Comm will be providing the wi-fi to the City as part of their current agreement with the City. Thank you Cass Comm!
o 10/10: Mayor indicated the wi-fi service is still spotting at the marina. No set date on when CassComm will have it resolved but they have been contacted.

Campground Resolution
o DONE: The Mayor is to contact the City attorney on the use of renting the ADA campsite if it is not rented. Can it be reserved on-line if it is the last available campsite? Or can it only be rented on a walk-up basis (i.e., arrive at the campground and the site is available). Information will be incorporated into the campground resolution.
 Mayor contacted the City attorney and the ADA site essentially has to be available at all times for use by individuals with the ADA designation.

o TO DO WHEN READY: Per the OSLAD grant, any fees charged at the campground need to be approved by IDNR. The Mayor will obtain this approval. Fees to be approved include campsite per day, UTV
use, and shelter. Not sure IDNR needs to approve the food truck fee as they will not be parked in the campground area. Once IDNR approves the fees they can be incorporated into the campground resolution.
o DRAFT campground resolution has been provided to Chairman Seward and Mayor Harris on 08/11/2022 for sharing with the Building, Zoning & Economic Development Committee and/or city council members. The resolution has been shared with Harbor Committee members as of
08/11/2022. 10/10: Discussion continued and this document will be on the agenda for a Committee meeting on 10/17/22. Along with various other documents related to the operation of the campground. It is anticipated this and related documents will be on the City Council agenda on 10/18/22.
o It was decided OK to have UTV/golf cart if it complies with the City ordinance.
o Violations at the campground were discussed. This section will be revised to include how violations will be handled. Janet has completed a form to record violations and this needs discussed at the next admin meeting. 10/10: The document will be on the agenda for the Committee meeting on 10/17/22. Resolution is based on City attorney recommendation (see last dot point in this section).
o Janet has completed a document on Campground Rules. This needs reviewed and discussed at the next admin meeting. 10/10: this will be on the agenda for the next Committee meeting on 10/17/22.
o A reply has been received from the City Attorney on the resolution. This needs to be discussed at the next admin meeting. 10/10: This was discussed on 10/10 at admin meeting and will be on the agenda for
Committee meeting on 10/17/22. It was decided the ordinance is the best way going to forward to enable revision to campground operation documents easier to do in the future. Also discussed was the City attorney recommendation to use current City code for violations at the marina and
campground. Agreement was reached and the Campground Resolution has been updated accordingly to show current City code will be used for violations.

Campground Host
o Kim Hance indicated she would develop a job description for this position for review.
o The Mayor indicated there have been three individuals who are interested in this position, however, each one has limitations so additional applicants will be identified.
o The “Duties and Responsibilities” section in this document needs to be consistent with what is in the Campground Resolution. Discussion is needed on this section and then consensus on the duties so the two documents can be consistent prior to going to City council.
o 10/10: Discussed the use of a harbormaster as opposed to campground host.
o 10/10: Discussed the use of the campground host being an independent contractor and not city employee. This would eliminate need to pay minimum wage, etc.
o 10/10: Mac provided a resource that could be used to advertise the campgrounds separate from being mixed in with all the state parks in Illinois. Check out their website. Illinois Campground Association — Campgrounds | Illinois Campground Association (

Turning Radius on Marina
o No Corps permit is needed since not disturbing the levee.
o Need 30 o had 90 o for safe turning of vehicles with camping trailers.
o Rock base to start at the bottom and build up to the road.
o Public Works will be doing this project using current stockpiles of rock and dirt.

 Update 8/30/22: Material will be available for this project when work begins on the sewer projects in the City. Begins in the fall. The Mayor indicated there may be a chance the Pillsbury Mill may be torn down. It could be possible to use debris from this project for the turning radius build-out. The Mayor is also going to pursue something in writing
from the Levee District and/or the Corps they are in agreement with this project.

o 10/10: It has been determined that total equipment length will initially be set to 42’ in order to safely turn down toward the river and campground. This length will be revised in the future as road conditions change
o 10/10: Mac indicated the Boat Access Area Development (BAAD) grant from IDNR may be released for application around December 2022 or January 2023. This grant could be used for improving the turning radius. Max grant amount is $200,000 with no city match required.
o 10/10: The Mayor has indicated the Corps is now requiring a 408 permit in order to modify the turning radius at the marina levee. Jim Burke has the required information to apply for this permit and is in the process of getting this submitted.

o The grant cannot be closed-out until the campground permit is issued by IDPH – PENDING.
o Tests of the well have come back with no problems. The well is on a scheduled to be tested regularly.

Campground Reservation System
o DONE: Compile a list of campground software to be used by City staff to complete phone inquiry to determine costs, etc. Janet Pate indicated she would compile this list.
 Update 8/30/22: Janet will do additional research into the software identified on the list provided to the Chairman and City on 8/11/22.
o The reservation system should be able to do the following:
 reserve a site on-line and pay the corresponding fee
 ability to be able to charge an additional administrative fee
 reserve the pavilion at the marina
 ability to process refunds
 generate report for LE if requested on past, present, and future reservations
o Will the admin fee be waived for walk-up campers? If yes, software needs this capability. Ask if the software charges the per reservation fee if the host is completing.
o IT involvement is needed in the review of this software as it is not known what is the capability of the City’s network. The Mayor to pursue contact with the City IT person and determine what their involvement may be going forward.
o It was discussed to open the campground using a manual reservation system until software can be put in place. Janet has completed a reservation form and a system to track reservations and this
needs discussed at the next admin meeting. 10/11: See discussion below regarding use of on-line software.
o 10/10: Mac has indicated he is available to assist with the IT part of a reservation system. Software developed by Mac was discussed and it was decided to use this software. Mac indicates he as already
developed a Beardstown Harbor webpage and the software could be added to this webpage. A link could then be added to City of Beardstown webpage to link to the Harbor webpage to reserve campsites. Mac suggested something such as Pay Pal as a bridge software in order to facilitate on line payments at time of reservation. A fee of around 3% is incurred with each reservation but an administrative fee will be assessed for each on-line reservation in order to cover this fee.
o 10/10: Mac indicated current City webpage in on GoDaddys Website Builder and any reservation software would need to be compatible with the CMS system. Mac is familiar with that system but prefers WordPress environment for each of use and training. He will be donating software and
installation in line with knowing that transactions must be processed and security measures followed.

He will work with Dawn and the Mayor on this going forward.

Dredging – Phase 3
o If dredging is completed under the railroad bridge, the railroad will have staff on-site during dredging operations.
o Must obtain a Right of Entry permit from the railroad each time dredging occurs under the railroad bridge.
o Mayor had a conversation with Darin Sheppard who indicated he didn’t believe dredging was needed under the railroad bridge as part of the Phase 3 dredging.
o Phase 3 dredging cost is estimated at $350,000 but could be cheaper if hydraulic dredging is used as opposed to mechanical dredging. The City has permits from the Corps for both types of dredging.
Mechanical dredging expires 12/31/2026 and the hydraulic dredging permit expires at the same time.
o Mayor has been in contact with one company regarding maintenance dredging to obtain an estimate of what that cost could be in the future.
 Update 8/30/22: Company has lost an owner and they are very busy now. No longer a viable option.

o IEPA permit issued for dredging will need to be modified if the City uses hydraulic dredging as it is issued for mechanical dredging only. The engineer indicates it would be an approximate 90 day process with IEPA to get this done. DO contact engineer if planning to do hydraulic dredging in Phase 3.
o When the Phase 3 dredging is completed (approximately 50 cu. yds.) the disposal pit within the marina will be at capacity. Future maintenance dredging will require a place to put dredged material. No additional discussion on future disposal pit—future topic down the road.
o It was asked if the City is going to provide any funds for Phase 3 dredging and it was indicated future TIF funds are being distributed as follows: 40% towards the new housing development that Beardstown drastically needs, 20% to surplus fund, 40% for other projects that receive applications from properties within the TIF zones. As a result, other funds will need to be identified to complete the Phase 3 dredging.

Food Trucks at Marina
o Current City ordinance does not allow for the pro-rating of the yearly fee to accommodate daily, weekends, etc. use of food trucks at various locations throughout town. Ordinance has been updated to accommodate pro-rated fees.
o The committee responsible for updating this ordinance will complete a revision to be able to pro-rate on the response that enforcement of the fees will be completed in the future. Done Requirements for food trucks: valid food license, sales tax number, applications required 48 hours in
advance to set-up, and an inspection by the health department before operations.
o Food trucks are not to set up on public property. This prohibits them from setting up at the marina. This will be discussed in the future if it is determined it is wanted.